Marilyn Price-Reinbolt


I go to nature to make a meditative connection with the world. While painting I live in that moment in time, where you focus only on the world outside. It’s about more than what you see – it’s the idea you have behind the eye. A painting is an expression of that place you can go to interpret the landscape and make a connection with nature. A wild place to go.


My husband and I, along with dogs and farm animals, have lived by the river in the Rio Grande gorge in northern New Mexico since the mid ‘80s. Much of my artwork is about the grand expanses of land and sky, the incredible beauty of the Rio Grande and other rivers and streams of this Land of Enchantment, as well as rural, traditional places such as farms and backroads. Travels to New Zealand and road-trips throughout the U.S. inspire some paintings.


Having been raised in New Mexico, I spend a lot of time in the backcountry of the Southwest. You may find me scouting historic trails, hiking, canoeing, fishing and X-C skiing, all the while finding inspiration for another painting.


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